Department: OES
Contract Type: Administrative – Full time
Closing Date: March 1, 2021

The Head of Foundation Program – GUbridge, will lead, manage, and develop the department in line with the Strategic Plan of the University and OES. The Head of Department will seek the counsel of staff within the department and delegate tasks to them when possible.

Position: Head of Foundation Program – GUbridge (HoD – FYP)

Reporting to: General Manager for Innovation & Educational Services

HoD FYP is responsible for the following sections;

1. GUbridge Foundation Year Program, which consists of:
a) English Language team
b) IT team
c) Math team

2. Life skills courses delivered by GUbridge Staff such as:
a) German Language
b) English Advanced courses
c) IT
d) Other Ad hoc. (as needed)

3. Language Institute (establish and run)
a) English Language, IELTS, TOEFL etc.
b) German Language
c) Arabic Language (to be established)
d) Other languages (to be added)


Tasks required to be achieved urgently (within one year):

  • Establish, run profitably the GUtech Language Institute.
  • Successfully manage the department through OAAA auditing process.
  • Establish certified testing centers for IELTS, TOEFL and similar programs and offer it to the public.
  • Find and implement internationally recognized Math exam and certificate, similar to IC3 and IELTS to replace GUbridge Math exit exam.
  • Benchmark GUbridge to be recognized by other countries starting with UK, where graduates of GUbridge will be accepted in the universities directly without requiring foundation (Match with INTO study program in UK for example).
  • Get other universities locally and regionally to certify and recognize GUbridge certificate as a recognized qualification for entering their bachelor programs.


Additional requirements:

  • This position is open to Omani Nationals only.
  • Bachelor Degree with academic background teaching in areas of English Language, Mathematics or ICT, business experience is an advantage. Masters Degree preferred.
  • Minimum 10 years of relevant experience.
  • IELTS score of 7.
  • Meet other requirements as set by MOHE for appointment of academic staff and Head of Foundation Program.
  • Contribute in teaching at least 8 hours per week to keep up with teaching and maintaining close contact with students.

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