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Yes. You have to register at https://oes-careers.com/register/
Upon registration, you will receive an activation email to activate your account, Entering a valid email is thus necessary to create an account.
This means that the entered username/email is already in use. Please choose another username. If the email is already in use, this means you have already created an account with the same email. In this latter case, please try to recover your password and access your old account.
After entering the recaptcha (the numbers of the showed image), you have to answer a small math question. For example for ” 15 − ten =” you have to enter 5
This means you did not activate your account. To do so, and after registration you have to check your email (sometimes in the junk mail), open the email received from HR GUtech and click on the activation link. Then you can log in.

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The profile you will fill is what reviewers will check whenever you apply for a job. Please make sure to enter accurate information.
No. All documents should be submitted online. If you are not sure about which documents you have submitted, go to https://oes-careers.com/edit-profile-job-seeker/ and update/check the uploaded documents.
Updating your profile is always possible by going to https://oes-careers.com/edit-profile-job-seeker/ (or from “my account” link). However, if you application has already been reviewed, the new updates will not be taken into account.