Department: Department of Logistics
Contract Type: Research – Part time
Closing Date: September 30, 2021

Project – Development of a multi-objective mathematical model for designing a ‎hydrogen supply chain network: A case study in Oman

Position – Research Assistant

Project Summary:

Following the Paris ‎climate agreement to hold the global warming ‎temperature well below 2‎℃‎, Oman has planned to reduce the ‎emission of greenhouse gases by 2% by the end of 2030. Furthermore, Oman has planned to improve the energy efficiency of industrial sector and decrease the gas ‎flaring in oil industry, with ‎new climate-changing legislation. In this respect, Hydrogen (H2) as an alternative fuel for future energy applications could ‎play as a game changer.

Designing an H2 fuel network from production to delivery toward demand points is a challenging supply chain problem. In this project, a mathematical model is developed to design an H2 supply chain network in Oman for economy diversification. This model will take into account several important factors including energy sources used to produce H2, plant types, product forms, distribution modes, and storage options. Criteria such as cost, greenhouse gas emission and service level are optimized to achieve a viable H2 supply network. A optimization software is employed to solve the proposed problem. Also, statistical analyses are carried out to evaluate the effectiveness and robustness of the resulting solutions. Finally, some managerial insights are given to illustrate how an H2 supply chain could be designed for Oman.


(PhD in one of the following disciplines):

  • Industrial engineering
  • Operations management
  • Supply chain management
  • Expert in mathematical modelling and optimization


  • Literature review: Identifying the main requirement of HSC network based on Oman’s priorities and goals
  • Mathematical modelling: Formulating and validating the mathematical model of the HSC network
  • Computational experiments: Finding the best locations of facilities and designing transportation network
  • Journal paper submission: writing the research results and drafting the final research paper

We require the tasks to be completed in 4 months maximum.
We need the successful candidate to start as soon as possible.
We will pay a lump- sum amount from the project. The details of the payment will be discussed during the interview.


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