Department: OES
Contract Type: Internship – Full time
Closing Date: February 29, 2020

Faculty-mentored Intensive Internship Programme (FIIP)


In this project, a solution is being proposed to increase the efficiency of Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Panels and particularly their operation in Oman and regions with similar environmental conditions. In order to achieve the objective of this project in increasing the efficiency, an investigation and analysis of the Soiling and High Temperature effects on different types of PV panels in Oman. One method for increasing efficiency is by reducing the effect of soiling (i.e. dust covering the panel) by regularly cleaning dust and other particulate matter off of PV panels. In this solution, also the weather parameters and the physical location of the PV panel is considered.


We are offering a ‘Faculty-mentored Intensive internships Programme (FIIP) for two Interns (engineers) and subject to a promising start of the programme, there shall be a scenario to have one separate legal entity to be formed, keeping the two interns as  the shareholders. This programme is sponsored by BP Oman. This project will be implemented in co-operation with SQU and Hussam Technology Company (HTC)


Administrative Matters

We are looking for persons (Only Omanis) who are motivated to learn and develop their professionalism, to work as Interns in the above mentioned programme.

The normal working hours are 5 days/40 hours per week. The normal working hours may be changed time to time whenever deemed necessary.

No annual Leave is embedded in the contract as it is an ‘Internship Programme’ and does not hold any employer/ employee relationship. More so, we intent to incorporate a separate legal entity keeping the two interns (Engineers) as stake holders. The type of entity and its modus operandi shall be decided prior to induction of the interns..

  • The agreement shall commence latest by 15.03.2019 and will run for 13 months.
  • A special training will provided to the two interns (engineers) in Solar PV systems from an international specialist experts.
  • This training is approved by the DCRP, Oman.
  • The training will cost about 2500 OMR per intern.
  • The shortlisted interns, at the time of signing the internship agreement with GUtech, shall be required to provide an external guarantor for the purposes of guaranteeing the refund of such stipend payments, in the event they decide to discontinue, prior to completion of such internship programme. This is primarily to safeguard utilization of limited funds available under this programme.


Required experiences:

  1. Degree in Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering.
  2. Programming skills in C/C++.
  3. Experiences with Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi or equivalent.
  4. Good knowledge of Spoken and written English. IELTS 6.0 or equivalent would be added advantages.
  5. Ability to adapt to and support new technology.
  6. Excellent interpersonal skills. Good time management and presentation skills.
  7. Ability to work under pressures.
  8. Leadership and Entrepreneur Skills is highly recommended.
  9. Solar PV system would be added advantages.
  10. Professional IT and computer skills.



  1. To carry out the applied research (Solar Panel Efficiency in Oman) as a part of a team or individually.
  2. Analysing the PV Solar Panels parameters.
  3. Designing and implementing a cleaning tool for PV Panels. (Design, develop and maintain the tool which are developed in-house and outsourced. (e.g. data modelling, coding, integration, testing, debugging, maintenance, documentation code libraries and reporting).
  4. Work collaborative with the Principle Investigator (PI) and the Technical Supervisor to maximize the productivity.
  5. Create specifics strategies for easier and effective execution of projects.
  6. Provide periodic reports on project progress or key issues and finding verbally and in written form to PI before 48 hours from the weekly meetings.
  7. Organize and monitor schedules and see that deadlines are met.
  8. Complete any necessary administrative tasks.
  9. Prepare, proofread and edit written work, summaries of proposals and publication.
  10. To pass the technical Solar training course with at least 70 %.
  11. To contribute to the analysis and writing up of research projects done as a team or individually.
  12. To prepare ad present findings of research activity when requested.
  13. To contribute to the preparation and drafting of research proposals.
  14. Establish work flow in order to analyse priorities and problems and evaluate their impact on services and time-lines;
  15. Monitor and analyse related cleaning tool for PV Panels; identify trends in the nature, frequency, and types of cleaning requested, and use this data to continually improve content and quality of services;
  16. Responsible for submitting organized final reports, and other documents as required.


We require the following documents to be submitted to us, in addition to the applicants (for the position of Interns) submitting their Resume (CV) for our perusal:

  1. Motivation Letter.
  2. At least two recommendation letter.
  3. Transcript

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